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I cannot thank you enough for your love and dedication to Maple Tree. When I think of you and when I think of Maple Tree, I best sum it up with ‘love.’ You seem to love your job, love Maple Tree, and most importantly, love the kids!

Over the past two years, our son has had the fortune of calling you his teacher. Words cannot express the gratitude we have. He has been nothing but excited to talk about class, his friends, what he learned, and all the fun he’s had. Thank you!

Our son had such a wonderful year of learning! This year he came home with so many facts and songs we hadn’t heard! He has grown spiritually too. This year he asked Jesus into his heart and we believe that’s in part to what he had been learning in school.

We are so incredibly thankful for you and what you have done for our son. You have made his first school experience such a memorable one! I am amazed at what he has learned not only academically, but about God, his faith and his responsibilities as a Christian.

I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for our daughter this year! Thanks for challenging her and helping her realize she can do a lot on her own. Thank you for genuinely caring and loving her and her tender spirit.